I say you keep the dream alive

but dont sleep in it.

You can keep the whole pie

I’m at piece/peace with it.

Ain’t mad at the “object”

just concerned.

Is it gonna be a process or just obsered?

Love to know you transform;

Hate to see you back and forth.

Look into your eyes,

Then I see a whole task force!

You got a guarded heart-A part thats hard as the matrix;

if it was a rubik’s cube.

A newsence view-Still its got a two times two,

Call it double portion when I do what I do.

Dont wanna see you fall,

So it’s time rise up!

Each piece to the puzzle of our life?

Like a zipper that we need to fly up!

Cause I got the jeans/gene’s to make the legs of your life start “pantomimin.”

Pack yah life with mad assignments; then go ask if I’m Sick?


Got ill off one catch,

Didnt have to cast a line its..

Fishy when the truth trap an iron fist!

Punchline got a Mad Hit!

Cant figure out if its really po-et-ic.

Or just creative when I Go and and get it,

I’m on another plane like a mirror of a plane in motion reflectin another plane!

Analogies like a balance beam when I pray!

Walk a thin line but stand firm on the thickness of my faith.