Mind-full of Ideas

So I’ve officially started my first wordpress blog/mentoring/inspirational/ … you get the picture website.

I felt like a great way to open up a collaborative pathway, would be by sharing a few ideas to contribute to anyone interested, so here goes nothing!


Forgive me for the clutter, still learning and could use some tips myself!

(1) Become the opportunity (Humbly)

Open yourself up to host a writer(s) blog contest.


I toss it out because I value building firm, respective and honest-long lasting relationships. If you have a following or not, the key to the idea is collaboration and possible future development. Providing your skills and the winners creativity the two can really set off a big bang!


Involve your close community to help present a winner. (Reminder) Not here to tell you how to host it, but definitely will provide a concept on a fair winning chance.

Don’t judge the criteria off your own standards, be open to new “out side of the box” innovative writing.

Choose your top 3 writing topics , set a time frame and enjoy a new way to communicate and expand others, through you!

(2) Giving is Great!

Choose your favorite blogger, find their strength in a topic and write a 500-1000 word blog of your own content (on that topic.) Make it Short and snappy but structured and direct. Wether you agree with their view or disagree, the key is finding common ground to build on.

Why to build on? The idea is to “give” so your writing like tomorrow isn’t coming! Challenge your favorite writer not to a dual but growth within the concept! Who wouldn’t like to go back on a concept and unbox more value? It is a way to compliment their research and time spent.
Depends how you see it!

(3) The creative flow

If you’ve noticed a person/blogger of your choice that is or has been showing a side of their self that’s not their typical self. Encourage them with your own creative flow. How would you set the next person up for their success regardless of their position at the time, without expecting anything in return?

Our concept for this idea is “reciprocity.”

Can you yourself enlighten the life in your words to bring someone to life in their personal turmoil or “writers block?” Tough words for me to use but sometimes it happens. You be the shovel and let your compassion toward someone elses passion for writing; present itself to someone else, by surprise!

I send you off with a Happy Writing Goodbye and God bless!

Hope these ideas pay their homage!