Become the Proof

Dont sweep your ideas under the rug,

they deserve to come to LIFE!


A few words:

Inside of you, there is potential just ACHING to be found. Maybe someone has told you, “there’s something about you, I just can’t seem to pin-point what it is!” and it probably happens to be that THAT something about you, draws them to you? Or maybe nobody has mentioned what’s so different about you, BUT something DEEP inside of you or that “gut feeling” keeps saying, “Hello! I’m right here!”

My question is, If you could make the time to start searching out that potential in you, would you?

Or would you keep turning your cheek to that thought and never give it some real space in your life?

For Example:

One day while your walking into the Grand Opening for a new grocery store. So convenient! After YOU yourself having the SAME idea of maybe opening one YOURSELF just weeks prior! You happen to meet the owner who ALSO weeks ago was on the side of the road asking for a couple bucks to get a few things to eat. Guess what? That person wasted NO TIME AT ALL and went ahead; put aside all their differences, then did EXACTLY what you were thinking just weeks before. NOW because you excused the potential in you and told yourself “No, I’ll just pass or I dont have the time,” you let go of the thought or idea and swept it under the rug.


The Change Agent:


There’s no scam here just pure truth……

and the evidence? Hmmm?

Depends on how much your willing to challenge yourself!


Thinking Timeless

Personally, I love to encourage, help and inspire the next person to be built up and ready to reach their NEXT LEVEL. Whether it be one goal or many, starting a business or building a marketing strategy. Perhaps even personal development?

There just may be somewhere in your life your not living the change you expect or dominating the discipline you anticipate?

All those things are powerful! Although, if you dont have the right “Mentality” to approach one or more of those, metaphorically speaking “AVENUES,” how will you expect to have any kind of “DRIVE” to accomplish anything?


Closing with:

If you find yourself inside any one of the above categories, I am what you say, “Here to grind down what is unnecessary and polish up the true potential in you, kinda guy.”

– Ricardo J Reyna Jr



As a creative writer also, you may contact me for Business and or Blog posts, Social media posts or also Ghost writing.


A last word:

I HIGHLY encourage you to THINK, and God bless you.


Contact: serious inquiries only, thank you in advance.